iPhone Prices in Kenya (2018)


What are the iPhone prices in Kenya? In this list, we have prices of iPhones in Kenya. Phones from Apple, are known for their durability, “class” and a seamless integration of both software and hardware. When spending a lot of money on an iPhone, it’s always a good idea to buy from a shop that you can trust. That’s why we have only listed iPhone prices in Kenya from trusted online stores. With the recent release of iOS 11, the smartphones, perform even better. This list also has cheapest iPhone you can buy in Kenya. You can also check out Samsung galaxy phone prices in Kenya. So here goes the prices of iPhones in Kenya.

Latest iPhone Prices in Kenya (2018)

iPhone 7 Plus - 5.5" - 32GB - 3GB RAM - 12MP CameraKSh. 79,999
iPhone 7 - 128GB - 2GB RAM - 12MP Camera - Single SIM - 4G LTEKSh. 74,999
iPhone 7 Red - 128GB - 2GB RAM - 12MP Camera - Single SIM - 4G LTEKSh. 100,000
iPhone 6S Plus - 5.5" - 16GB - 2GB RAM - 12MP CameraKSh. 68,999
iPhone 6S - 16GB - 2GB RAM - 12MP Camera -Single SimKSh. 63,999
iPhone 6 Plus - 5.5" - 64GB - 1GB RAM - 8MP Camera - 4G -Single SIMKSh. 44,999
iPhone 6 - 32GB - 1GB RAM - 8MP Camera - 4G LTE - Single SIMKSh. 39,999
iPhone SE - 64GB - 2GB RAM - 12MP CameraKSh. 34,999
iPhone 5S - 16GB - 1GB RAM - 8MP CameraKSh. 25,000

The following are Apple iPhone Available in Kenya 2018:

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Silhouette of Apple iPhone 7 plus

Having been released recently, this is the most expensive iPhone on the cheapest iPhone list.

Apple decided to remove the headphone jack from this device. The display is one of the best right now, on any smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Key Specifications

  • 5.5 inches.
  • 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution.
  • 3GB Ram.
  • 12MP rear camera.
  • 7MP front camera
  • 4G support.
  • 2900 mAh battery non removable battery.

Read Full Review.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Price in Kenya.

In Kenya, the cheapest price is Kshs 90.000


Apple iPhone 7

All iphone 7 color variations placed next to each other

This mobile phone is the sibling of the 7 Plus.

It also comes without the headphone jack. Its performance is almost the same. They were released on the same date, in September 2016.

At 4.7 inches, it is smaller than its twin, however, that is made up for, in usability and comfort of usage.

Apple iPhone 7 Key Specifications

  • 4.7 inches screen size.
  • 750 x 1334 pixels resolution.
  • 2GB Ram.
  • 12 MP Primary Camera.
  • 7 MP Secondary camera.
  • 1960mAh non removable battery.
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Apple iPhone 7 Price in Kenya.

The cheapest price is Kshs. 85,000. BEST PRICE

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

iphone prices at jumia kenya

The phone was released by Apple in September 2015.

You will agree with me that it is still one of the best phones around.

The performance still beats some of the flagships available right now in Kenya.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Key Specifications.

  • 5.5 inch display.
  • 1080 x 1920 resolution.
  • 2GB Ram
  • 12MP Primary camera.
  • 5MP Secondary camera.
  • 2750mAh battery capacity
  • 4G Support.
  • Read Full Review.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Price in Kenya

The best price is Kshs 75,000. PRICE AT JUMIA

Apple iPhone 6S

very cheap iphone in kenya

Top performance are only achievable on Apple devices.

With the thoughtful design of this phone, you will surely feel attracted to it. The Aluminum body ensures that the handset feels premium on when held.

Apple iPhone 6S Key Specifications

  • 4.7 inches display size.
  • 750 x 1334 pixels display resolution.
  • 2GB Ram.
  • 1750mAh battery.
  • Up to 14 hours talk time.
  • 12MP Primary camera.
  • 5MP Secondary camera.
  • Ion Strengthened Glass screen protection.
  • Read the full review of the phone

Apple iPhone 6S Price in Kenya.

The average price for this device is Kshs. 69,000. SEE JUMIA KENYA PRICE

Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

is the iphone 6 worth buying in kenya

Released in 2014, this phone still performs amazingly well.

The good thing is the price has somehow come down as compared to when it was first released.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Key Specifications.

  • LED backlit IPS LCD Display.
  • 1080 x 1920 pixels screen resolution.
  • 401 ppi pixel density.
  • iOS 8
  • 1GB Ram.
  • 8MP rear camera.
  • 1.2MP front camera
  • Li-Po 2915 mAh non removable battery.
  • Up to 24 hours talk time on 3G.
  • LTE support
  • Ion strengthened screen.
  • Apple A8 Dual-core 1.4 GHz processor.
  • Read the full review here

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Price in Kenya.

The price is around Kshs. 67,000. BEST OFFERS

Apple iPhone 6.

iphone 6 spec and price in Kenya

There is a saying that goes this way, “never judge an Apple product by the release date”. This is quite true, considering that the phone still look and feel premium even after 3 years of being in the market.

Apple iPhone 6 Key Specifications.

  • 4.7 inch screen
  • 750 x 1334 pixels resolution.
  • ~326 ppi pixel density.
  • iOS 8 upgradable to iOS 10.2.
  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16/64/128 GB storage options.
  • Li-Po 1810 mAh non removable battery.
  • Up to 14 hours talk time on 3G.
  • Up to 250 hours standby time.
  • Apple A8  Dual-core 1.4 GHz processor.
  • Find the full specifications and review here.

Apple iPhone 6 Price in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The device retails for Kshs. 55,000 in Kenya. VIEW AVAILABLE OFFERS ON JUMIA

Apple iPhone SE.

iphone se price at jumia kenya

This device was released in March 2016, so it is relatively new.

It was aimed to those who had not yet updated their devices because they detested the larger phones that Apple decided to start manufacturing.

Apple iPhone SE Key Specifications.

  • Released March 2016.
  • 4.0 inches.
  • ~326 ppi pixel density.
  • 640 x 1136 pixels
  • iOS 9.3.2 upgradable to iOS 10.2.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 16/64 GB memory options.
  • 12MP primary camera.
  • 1.2MP Secondary camera.
  • Li-Po 1624 mAh non removable battery.
  • Up to 14 hours talk time when using 4G.
  • Read the full review.

Apple iPhone SE Price in Kenya.

For Kshs. 45,000 you will be able buy the device. PRICE OF THE DEVICE

Apple iPhone 5S.

buying an apple phone in kenya

Released in 2013, September. The camera quality of this device still tops many phones that are coming out in 2017. Having this phone means class above the rest.

Apple iPhone 5S Key Specifications.

  • LED-backlit IPS LCD display.
  • 640 x 1136 pixels resolution of the screen.
  • ~326 ppi pixel density.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass screen protection.
  • iOS 7 upgradable to iOS 10.2.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 16/32/64 GB memory options.
  • 8 MP primary camera.
  • 1.2 MP secondary camera.
  • 1560 mAh non removable battery.
  • Up to 10 hours talk time on 3G.
  • Read the full review here.

Apple iPhone 5S Price in Kenya.

The phone is only Kshs. 30,000. IPHONE 5S OFFERS AT JUMIA KENYA


In Conclusion

Though these devices are usually expensive, you will get value for your money. As they say, cheap is always expensive in the long run. I know people, who have never changed their iPhone, not because they don’t have the money, but because the phone simply serves them well. Instead of buying cheap android devices every year, sacrifice and have something stylish.



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