ASUS Laptop Price List in Kenya 2020

asus laptop price list in kenya

What are the ASUS laptops available in Kenya and their prices?

Asus laptops, are mostly know for their battery saving capabilities.

In addition, these machines, usually, have very good build quality. With brushed aluminum finish or textures plastic.

This article, contains all ASUS laptops that are available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and all other major towns in Kenya.

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All the laptops stated here are either available at Jumia or Kilimall to ensure convenience and trust.So, below are Asus laptops price list in Kenya.

These are the Best Asus laptops available in Kenya and their prices in 2020:

ASUS X540SA-SCL0205N: 15.6″ Intel Celeron 500GB HDD 4GB RAM

ASUS laptop price list in Kenya at Jumia

Key features of ASUS X540SA-SCL0205N

  • 5th generation Intel Celeron processor – N3050 up to 2.1 Ghz
  • 500GB internal HDD capacity
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM – expandable to 16GB
  • A display size of 15.6 inches
  • 1376 x 768 resolution HD LED Backlit display
  • Free DOS


  • The strongest, is the fact that the price of this laptop in Kenya is one of the fairest.
    Considering the specs, this is a true value for your money. Other similarly priced laptops in this category are priced more expensively than this. Am talking over Kshs 10,000 more expensive.
  • RAM, the 4GB ensures that you can run multiple applications easily without the computer slowing down. Also, if need be, you can increase the amount of RAM available.
  • Performance wise, the laptop is not a letdown. This is due to the fact that it runs on one of the latest Intel Celeron Processor. So, you will be getting improved battery life, faster performance and small form factor machine.


  • Operating System – this is one of my major concerns. Especially, for people who are not tech savvy. The laptop does not come with Windows Operating System installed.
    so, you will have to find someone who knows how to install it (everyone has a “tech friend”)
  • Lately, I have found that having 500GB of space is somehow limiting.
    I don’t know about you, but if you are a movie/series guy like me, running out of space will be a big issue.
    However, don’t worry about this if you delete what you have watched after sometime (I tend to keep my movies for longer than normal).

Who this laptop is appropriate for; the device can be suitable for student and average people. You can be able to run a few games here and there, but don’t expect to run the latest titles.
However, it will comfortably run everyday applications such as office suites and web browsing programs

Price: Kshs 29,000.


ASUS X551C: 15.6″ Intel Core i3 500GB HDD 4GB RAM

dealers of ASUS laptops in Kenya

Important Features of ASUS X551C

  • Display size of 15.6 with LED Backlight HD 1366×768
  • 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor
    Processor speed of 1.8Ghz
  • Windows 8 operating system
  • 4GB DDR3 Random Access Memory
  • 500GB internal memory capacity
  • Asus Sonic Mater Audio System
  • Weight of 2.9 Kgs


  • Audio System – I previously owned an Asus laptop. And, I can tell you this for free. The laptops audio quality is very good. The sounds come out sharp and clear without having cracking and tearing.
  • Sure, the Intel Core i3 ensures that you get better performance across the board – at least when compared to Celeron Processors.
  • The performance is further enhanced by the 4GB DDR3 RAM. This is expandable to 16GB.


  • The laptop is heavy. If you will be commuting daily with this machine, you will find the weight at nuisance after sometime. This should be of particular concern for the ladies, however, for men “mwanaume ni sembe”.
  • As previously mentioned, I don’t particularly prefer space capacity of less than 1TB. BUT, people are different and that might just be case with you. Despite this, you will still be able to store many files and movies on the laptop.

Normal Price: Kshs 45,000


ASUS X540S: 15.6″ Intel Celeron 500GB HDD 4GB RAM

Best laptop deals in Kenya

Key Features of ASUS X540S

  • Display size of 15.6 inches
  • HD LED backlit screen type
  • 5th Gen Intel Celeron N3060 Dual core processor up to 2.1GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM which can be further expanded to 16GB
  • 500GB HDD
  • Weight of 2.28Kgs
  • No Operating System installed


  • What I love most about this laptop, is that it is very light. This feature, is very important to those who will be commuting with it most of the time. Therefore, students will find that this laptop suits their needs.
  • Considering that the processor is 5th generation, you will get many advantages over older laptops. Key among them, performance improvements and better battery conservation
  • Also, the laptop’s performance is quite good. This majorly, is due to the fact that it has 4GB of RAM. I know similarly priced laptops in Kenya that have only 2GB.


  • The ASUS laptop in Kenya comes without an operating system. This may be a disadvantage to those who don’t know how to install one. Nonetheless, you will never miss a friend who doesn’t know these things.
  • By now, you obviously know about the issue I have with 500GB internal memory.

Normal price: Kshs 29,000


ASUS X555LA: 15.6″ Intel Core i5 1TB HDD 8GB RAM

Key features of ASUS X555LA in Kenya

  • Weight of 1.38Kgs
  • Display size of 15.6 inches
  • Intel Core i5 Processor at 1.8GHz
  • Windows 8 upgradable to Windows 10
  • 1TB of internal memory storage
  • Sonic Mater ASUS Audio Wizard


  • Pretty obvious, right? Am talking about the performance. The ASUS laptop comes with an Intel Core i5, which makes its performance just below core i7 laptops. You will be able to comfortable run applications and programs that are processor intensive. Such include, Photoshop and other graphic software. Also, games from 3 to 4 years ago will run on low to medium settings.
  • Coming to the RAM, the 8GB available ensures that multi-tasking is as smooth as possible. You can open various browser tabs and still have a smooth experience.
  • Another thing, the laptop is very light. It come at 1.3Kgs. for those who are constantly on the move, this is just perfect.
  • Also, the stereo audio system ensures that while watching movies or listening to music; you have the best possible sound quality. As previously stated, ASUS laptops have some of the best laptop speakers in the market.
  • I almost forgot about the internal memory capacity. At 1TB, you are most definitely sorted when it comes to storage.


  • This laptop has no major disadvantages, though I feel like they should have at least made it have a discrete graphics card.

Normal price: Kshs 60,000


About ASUS Laptops in Kenya

Asus service center in Nairobi Kenya

ASUS is a Taiwanese manufacture that makes electronics ranging from mobile phones, monitors, laptops, desktops to even tablets.

Though worldwide, ASUS is the 4th largest manufacturer, here in Kenya they have very little market share.

I think this is due to the fact that they have not done their marketing well. Because, if you compare its laptops with other, they are usually ahead of the rest when if comes to features – price comparison.

The company slogan is “in search of incredible”.

The laptop line includes the following laptops

  • Zenbook
  • N Series
  • E Series
  • K/A Line
  • X Series
  • Republic of Gamers
  • F Series

Though, not all these ASUS laptops have reached Nairobi yet. As sure, in the near future, we will see more laptops in the country as they get more exposed. It’s just like Lenovo, very few people knew about it until they made significant marketing moves.

However, my concern is that, we don’t have any ASUS mini laptops in Kenya. this would have appealed to a niche of people who prefer the smaller laptops to the bulky ones currently in existence.

ASUS Service Center

If your ASUS product breaks down. Find the ASUS service center at School Lane Westlands next to Sun Africa Hotel. Telephone Number: 254 728606427

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