15 Best smartphones under 10k in Kenya (2018)

x-tigi photo 5 under 10000

What is the best smartphone under 10k in Kenya? This list contains all the best budget phones in Nairobi, Mombasa and other towns in Kenya. It ranges from Infinix, InnJoo, Tecno, Wiko to X-Tigi phones. These are one of the best cheapest mobile phones in Kenya.If you would not like to surpass the 10k phone price in Kenya mark, then these are the best phones you should look at. What you should know is that this list is in no particular order and we recommend buying any of these phones.In this day, for less than KSh. 10,000 you can find an impressive smartphone. HD Screens, large battery, quality camera and 4G LTE.

However, the decision will rely on your phone design and brand preferences.
Read: Best phones under 9000 or best handsets under 8000. So here goes the list of the most AFFORDABLE PHONES BELOW 10K.

Below is a list of the best 4G phones under 10k in Kenya 2018:

1InnJoo Fire 2 LTE – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 13MP Camera – 4G/LTE – Dual SIM

The outstanding feature of this device, is the 4G capability and the 2GB Ram. With this, enjoying fast speeds from Safaricom is possible.

The InnJoo Fire 2 LTE is one of the best designed phones we have ever seen from them. The phone is premium and comes with a screen size of 5 inches, so you can browse comfortably as compared to smaller devices.

Speaking of the camera, it ships with 13MP for the back facing camera while the selfie camera is 5MP. The camera specifications are above the standards that other smartphone currently offer in the market.

The main con of this device is that it has no fingerprint scanner.

I also love the fact that this phone is dual sim, one for browsing and the other for sending mney and texting.

See this Jumia

2Wiko Slide 2 – 5.5″ – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 13MP Camera – Dual SIM

The wiko Slide 2 is one of the best wiko smartphone if not the best, the design is outstanding with a leather-effect finish and a super classy color named “Night Blue”.

The SLIDE 2 is responsive and accessible, for both business personality and for pleasure functionality this phone will surprise you with its capabilities.

The outstanding display is one of a kind, the HD display allows optimization therefore readability even in sunlight or places with excessive lighting.

Most good smartphones are defined with their camera SLIDE2 Features a 13 MP main camera, 5 MP front camera your defining moments will no longer fade away, you can take photos on buzzing bees, wherever you are. Panoramic selfies or wide-angle landscapes, the SLIDE2 will help you take great photos, whatever the conditions!

With this kind of processor Look no farther the 1.4 GHz Octa-Core processor, everything runs smoothly on this mammoth of a phone. Its ROM is expandable up to 64 GB via micro SD and provides ample storage capacity. The SLIDE2 is simply unstoppable!


3InnJoo Max 3 – 6″ – 16GB – 1GB RAM – 13MP Camera – Android – Finger Print – Dual SIM + FREE Back Cover + Screen Protector

At 6 inches, the display of InnJoo Max 3 is HUGE. If you are a fun of large screens, then this definitely is the phone to purchase. Performance wise, it is not too bad if you bring the price also in picture. It has 1GB of ram, in the current day, 2GB should be the minimum. But, we all know that you can use an android phone comfortably and do moderate multi-tasking with this amount.

Battery life of a device is a factor that most people will look at when they want to purchase a smartphone in Nairobi. The battery is 4000mAh, so you will use the phone the whole day without having to charge the device.

If this device came with 4G, it would have been perfect.


4X-TIGI Vision6 – 6″ – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 13MP Camera – Dual SIM + FREE VR Box

X-TIGI Vision6 – 6″ comes in second after the X-TIGI Photo 6 – 5.5″. The first eye-catching observation is the wonderful display. The 6” says it all in terms of viewing of apps, playing games or watching good quality videos.

A good display comes with best performance, a Quad-core 1.3GHz gets the job done. It outputs all performance from the Vision6.

With a battery capacity of 4100mAh this phone will last you through most of your day.

The price will take you by surprise u will get the value for your money.it also comes with a free VR Box.


5InnJoo Halo X – 5.5″ – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM – 3G

This InnJoo Halo X is 5.5 inches with a HD screen. The performance is in the midrange with its 2GB of random access memory. Apart from the ram, nothing else stand out in this device. It however looks premium and refined

The battery is 3000mAh, which might last you till evening, if you use it moderately. What is missing from this device is 4G. That is the standard right now.

If you are not very sensitive about the camera, I recommend buying this phone.


6TECNO Camon C7 – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 13 MP Camera – Dual SIM

Just like Infinix, Tecno phones have really brought mid-range features into the market at a low end price. However, what you should know that they are the same company. Infinix mobility is a subsidiary of Tecno. Tecno has somehow been moved into the high end market. The Tecno Camon C7 comes with 2GB of ram and a 5 inch screen.

I don’t really like the design, but that is a subjective matter that depends on an individual’s preference and taste. It runs android version 6.0 out of the box, and supports internal memory expansion up to 128GB.

The main “negative” of this cheap android device is that it does not have 4G. You should not however worry about this drawback if you reside in some remote and rural areas because 4G has not reached there anyway.


7INFINIX X557 – HOT4 Lite – 5.5″ – 16GB – 1GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM – 3G – Luxurious Gold

The Hot 4 lite is the younger brother of the Hot 4, a little bit underpowered with only a gigabyte of ram.

The battery capacity is 4000mAh, just like the big bro. if you are not a heavy multitasker, consider this phone. however, the price difference is almost negligible at only around Kshs 500. So if I were you, I would buy the Hot 4.

The only disadvantage of both Infinix Hot 4 X557 and Hot 4 Lite X557 is, both don’t have 4G capability.


8TECNO L8 – 5.5″ – 16GB – 1GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM

This is a 5.5. inch device by Tecno that has 1GB of ram. Design wise, this phone can be considered average.  Now, the phone comes in various colors so you can choose the variant that you like.

With dual sim support, you can have two sim cards. A Safaricom line and Orange, Safaricom or Equitell.

I really love the position of the back camera of the Tecno L8 and general finish of the back. What Tecno should have done is to bump up the pixels of this device.

Before I forget, the battery size is gigantice. Am talking about 5,050mAh lithium.


9X-TIGI Photo 5 – 5.5″ – 16GB – 1GB RAM – 13MP- 4G/LTE – Finger Print

The X-TIGI Photo 5, tops the list for the X-TIGI smartphone category in this ranking. This is due to the network capabilities it comes equipped with and the finger print reader.

The processing power bestowed on this X-TIGI phone enhances its capability for performance. Its capable of running apps without any lagging. The eye catching design is a masterpiece that is compared to most of the top dogs in the smartphone world.

The 16 gig ROM is expandable to 64GB thus suitability in storage of applications and files.

All said X-TIGI Photo 5 is a phone worth its price. For this price range I would defiantly recommend the X-TIGI Photo 5


10TECNO W4 – 16GB ROM – 1GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM

The most outstanding feature of the Tecno W4, is that it comes with android Marshmallow v 6.0. otherwise, all other features are average.

The battery size is 2500Mah which will barely last until the night if you have no opportunity to charge it during the day.

The display size is 5.0 inches, coming to the camera it has 8.0MP back camera and the front facing one is only 2MP. If you love taking selfies, I would recommend you to look for other Tecno alternatives.


11TECNO W3 – 8GB – 1GB RAM – 5MP Camera – 4G – Dual SIM

Other than the fact that this device is 4G, it has no real advantages over the other phones on this list. You should not however write it off quickly because Tecno devices are usually optimized for performance.

The storage is a low 8GB which is very little in the modern time. If you belong to more than 5 WhatsApp groups, then your phone will fill up quickly if the members of the group are actively sending videos and photos.


12INFINIX Hot 4 (X557) – 5.5″ – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Dual SIM

The Infinix Hot 4 is easily the best budget smartphone in Kenya. Infinix have simply come and are dominating the market. The phone they make are usually pocket friendly with features that can only be found in mid-range smartphones that cost thousands more.

The Hot 4 comes with a 5.5-inch screen that has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. At the price point, this is the best you can get in these phones.

The performance is good considering that it come with 2GB of ram and android 6.0 Marshmallow. At a security standpoint, the 6.0 is more secure compared to the android versions that preceded it. also, there is noticeable improvement in battery life. We all know how 5.0 was a battery hog.

The back camera is 5MP with LED flash for taking photos in low light conditions.


13INFINIX Hot 3 LTE – X553 – 5.5″ – 16GB – 2GB RAM – 13MP Camera – Dual SIM

Let’s kick of the Infinix Hot 3 LTE with its 4G capabilities. Faster internet speed is usually a desirable thing (even if it will eat up your data faster). Currently, only Safaricom Limited offers 3G in major towns. Let’s hope in the future, this will change.

With 2GB of ram the device handles multi-tasking well. The 13MP camera ensures that the photos you take are crisp and clear. Although the phone has 16GB of internal storage, it is expandable.

For the price, I would strongly recommend buying this phone.


14X-TIGI A10 – 5.5″ – 16GB – 1GB RAM – 13MP – Dual SIM – Grey + Free Smart Cover

The X-TIGI A10- 5.5″ closes this list, it’s up to speed, good performance, top notch design and good rating. The user experience is like no other, simplicity is truly defined in this phone, for sure the X-TIGI A10 – 5.5″ won’t disappoint you. The 1GB RAM embedded in it runs everything smoothly. You would appreciate this when switching from windows and multitasking.

A 13MP camera brings out the correct colors and the picture density to another level. The panoramic capability enables wide angle shots.

The weight of this phone makes it comfortable especially after long hours of use you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable during this period.

Baseline this is an amazing phone in relation to the price and what it brings on the table in terms of performance and various capabilities. 


15TECNO L8 LTE – 5.5″ – 8MP Camera – 1GB RAM – 16GB – Grey

The only big difference between the Tecno L8 and the Tecno L8 LTE is the fact that the latter has 4G. if this is a main concern for you, buy the LTE since they are almost the same price. This also comes with a mountain of battery life. Am sure if used moderately, the smartphone can last two days without charge.

This one is worth buying.



Phones are getting cheaper and cheaper in Kenya. Despite this, the devices have continued to improve in quality. While dont expect flagship features like the ones from Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7, you can still look forward to features such as 4G LTE, Iris Scanner and impressive cameras.

These smartphones below ten thousand in Kenya offer you value for your money.

So there you have it the top 15 best smartphones under 10K in Kenya. These phones are available on either Jumia Kenya or Kilimall Kenya which delivers phones in all parts of Kenya including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisii, Thika, Nyeri and others. You can also get other phones such as Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple line of iPhone.